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We are an oilfield services firm operating throughout the Rockies but ready to go anywhere, anytime. Discover how commitment to transparency, seamless communication, and a combined 200+ years of experience in the field can solve your greatest well stimulation challenges.

Custom Solutions For The Most Challenging Well Completions

Extensive front-end technical analysis. Onsite design engineers to configure and execute jobs on a well-by-well basis. Targeted pumping configurations to better meet the challenges of a given well for less redundant pumping capacity.

By closely monitoring our equipment performance during pressure intervals and performing rigorous equipment maintenance on-site, we are able to complete a fracturing job efficiently while minimizing the risk of equipment failures.

Our design engineers and job supervisors are involved in every stage of the project from design to water testing to pump configuration and deployment to post-job analysis.

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Decisions Made In Hours Instead Of Days Or Weeks

From the very beginning, TOPS has been the antithesis of bureaucracy and compartmentalization. Our ultra-experienced team thrives in an environment where anyone at any level of the organization can interact with anyone else.

Fluid communication means everyone knows what any given individual is doing anytime they need to. Decisions are made swiftly and customers get the answers they need fast.

From honoring the budget to daily progress, our aim is total transparency... to earn our clients´ trust today so we can build the future together tomorrow.

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Our People Are Our Greatest Assets

The right people can make anything happen, and at TOPS we believe in solutions-thinking. Every single one of us started in the field and worked their way up from there.

In fact, our C-Suite alone has over 85 years of experience in the oil industry and is involved at every stage of operations. So even the newest hand can pull leadership aside and personally voice a concern. Or immediately pause the work if it is needed.

Bottom line: when you talk to one of us, you are talking to all of us. The result is quicker, safer, more innovative well completions.

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Equipped To Work Anywhere

TOPS is headquartered in Texas, with yards in Grand Junction, Colorado; Vernal, Utah; and Williston, North Dakota.

So we have a long history of entertaining clients from Texas to North Dakota and pretty much everywhere in between.

Need custom oil pumping solutions elsewhere? We have the capacity, equipment, and manpower to come set up for any project, anytime.

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